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Hartwig Instruments has supplied measuring and sampling equipment to the chemical and petrochemical industry since 1950. Many years experience and research have gone into creating a range of high quality, durable measuring tapes and samplers at competitive prices.

Our products are designed by ourselves and then manufactured in our factory in Rotterdam-Hoogvliet. This gives us the freedom to adapt the design to any required mode

We export our products world wide to inspection companies, tank storage companies, oil and chemical processing industries and ship's provisioning in countries in Europa, USA, South-America, The Middle East, Russia and the Baltic states, China and Africa.

Our clients include Shell, Exxon, Mobil, Vopak, Esso, DNV, BP, Amoco, Gulf, SGS, Intertek Caleb Brett, Saybolt, BSI Inspectorate, and many more.




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