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Brass Bottom Sampler

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Brass bottom sampler. 

The Bottom Sampler has been specially designed for taking absolute bottom samples.

All Samplers are a Hartwig Instruments quality product , made from Brass


Brass Bottom Sampler

This sampler has been designed for taking bottom samples.

The bottom sampler can be easily disassembled for ease of cleaning and consists of a seamless cylinder with inner thread, A Top and bottom screw cap & spring-driven valve.

The weight of the sampler is such that it is also suitable for taking samples in thick liquids.

This sampler is a Hartwig Instruments quality product with a life time guarantee.


  • Absolute bottom sample: The bottom sampler is lowered into the liquid to be sampled using a chain or a rope (100% cotton!). As soon as it reaches the bottom, The spring-driven valve at the bottom of the sampler opens and the liquid flows into the cylinder. Pull The sampler up and the valve will shut close.

  • Running Sample: When using a bottom sampler with running valve stop , remove the stop from the top cap and lower the bottom sampler with high speed to the required depth and pull up with high speed. The cylinder should be filled for about 75-90% to ensure a good runningsample. 

  • Use the extension set to adjust the depth of opening of the bottom sampler. 


  • Model B111
    Outside diameter: 55mm
    Total Height: 310mm
    Weight: 1,7 Kg
  • Model B112
    Outside diameter: 55mm
    Total Height: 400mm
    Weight: 2.2 Kg

  • Model B114
    Outside diameter: 70mm
    Total Height: 520mm
    Weight: 3.6 Kg

Material: Brass MS58 
Material spring: Stainless steel 

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