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Comprehensive Calibration & Maintenance Services by Hartwig Instruments


Hartwig Instruments offers a wide range of Calibration services , Annual inspections and/or maintanace services for the products we sell and support.
By combining technical competence and specialist knowledge we are able to provide services on a wide product range of instrumentation & life saving equipment.
Our focus is to provide our service fast and reliable so we can make sure downtime of the equipment is kept to a minimum.

gasdetctor kalibratie


Calibration and bump testing services provide peace of mind when it comes to the reliability of your gas detection equipment and the safety of your workers. Our technicians are trained in calibration, bump testing, repair, and maintenance, according to manufacturer specifications.


temperatuur kalibrate


Temperature instruments comes in many forms and sizes, we offer traceable calibration services for Digital thermometers , Liquid in glass thermometers, Thermocouples and Bi-metal thermometers. Included the Thermoprobe Instruments and MMC Equipment can be calibrated with valid certificate. 

Life jackets


With professional use it is a legal requirement to have your lifejackets annual inspected by a service station. We offer maintenance, repair and inspection/ certification service on the most common type of inflatable lifejackets from brands such as BESTO , MARINEPOOL and MULLION.




When every MM matters, calibrated measuring tapes are a must to ensure every measurement is accurate. Our length calibration facility is only for calibrating measuring tapes and is without length limitation. All certificates can be traced back to (inter)national standards. 



Pressure gauges are commonly used in all industries and are key to check annually for accuracy. Calibration of pressure gauges are certified with a reference pressure gauge with high accuracy, A simple and fast method of compare.



Oxygen Analyzers with PPM and % O2 reading are used to get more accurate readings of oxygen levels or to trace Oxygen concentrations in gas stream.  We provide the services of Calibration and maintenance for most common brands such as AAII and Teledyne.


As Authorized dealer we offer Calibration and Repair services for MMC Equipment for MMC USA models restricted & Closed as well the MMC ASIA models . It is advisable to annual check your instruments for working & the temperature and interface function. Also gastight checks are preformed to make sure the Closed models are leakfree.



On-site calibration and maintenance of Fixed Gasdetectors , Transmitters or complete Gasdetection systems.  We conduct the calibration of the said instrument and verify if the gas is being appropriately detected by the sensors. This service is only available for the brands we support.



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