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There is a large diversity of measuring tapes. We have dedicated ourselves to measuring tapes for fluid measurement, Innage and Ullage, with millimeter scale, class I. The class I measuring tapes are the most accurate measuring tapes, which can be used in Europe for commercial measurements.

Hartwig instruments supplies measuring tapes made of steel, stainless steel or steel with a polyamide coating. The steel measuring tape is suitable for general use, and is made of black carbon steel with gray etched print.
The stainless steel measuring tape is suitable for aggressive liquids and chemicals, and is durable. The polyamide measuring tape is widely used by inspection companies, because it is reasonably resistant to aggressive substances due to its plastic coating and is easy to read in the dark.

In addition to the supply of measuring tapes, all other measuring instruments used in Draft Surveys, strapping tapes, wooden folding rules, indication pastes belong to our assortment

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