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About Hartwig Instruments | Engineering Excellence



Founded over 70 years ago by A.M. Hartwig, Hartwig Instruments is a leading provider of engineering solutions.

Foundation and Early Years

A.M. Hartwig started the company as an engineer for shipping companies, specializing in repairing onboard gyroscopes and mechanical equipment. Notably, the Dutch Royal Navy became one of their valued clients.

Expansion into Manufacturing

In the 1960s, Hartwig Instruments expanded its operations to include manufacturing. The company ventured into producing samplers and measuring tapes and established its own factory in the center of Rotterdam.

Relocation and Current Location

Due to its growing reputation for excellent service and quality, Hartwig Instruments relocated to a larger production site in Rotterdam-Hoogvliet in 1972. It remains their current location.

Succession and Leadership

Following the passing of A.M. Hartwig in 1995, R.A.M. Hartwig succeeded his father as the director of Hartwig Instruments, ensuring a seamless continuation of the company's legacy.

Products and Services Offered

Hartwig Instruments provides a diverse range of self-produced samplers and measuring tapes. Additionally, they represent exclusive brands like Thermoprobe Inc and BW/Honeywell gas detection.

Versatility for Various Industries

With their versatile assortment, Hartwig Instruments caters to inspection companies, ship handlers, oil and chemical plants, tank storage facilities, government organizations, and the marine and offshore sectors.

Global Reach and Customer Base

Hartwig Instruments has successfully supplied their products to more than 70 countries, establishing an international reputation and a loyal customer base.