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Polyamide Coated Steel Measuring Tape

Home Dip tapes Polyamide Coated Steel Measuring Tape

Polyamid coated steel Measuring Tape

Measuring tapes Class I ,For the measurement of liquid levels

Polyamid coated carbon steel gauging tape, Class I, . Graduation in mm.

Polyamide Coated Steel Measuring Tape

Hartwig Instruments supplies a wide range of measuring tapes for liquid measurements. We supply tapes for ullage (for measuring unfilled spaces), dip (for measuring fluid height) and strapping tapes. Our measuring tapes are produced with the best accuracy possible (according to EC pattern approval,Class 1). Due to our years of experience and the great range of measuring products, We always have a tape that will fulfill our customer needs. We supply
lengths from 5 meters up to 300 meters with dip weights from 400 grams to 1.2 kilograms.

With the quality tapes of Hartwig Instruments you are sure that your measurements are the most reliable.


  • Width : 13x0.2 mm
  • Graduation: Metres , Centimeters , Millimeters. 
  • Material : Polyamide coated carbon steel 
  • Length : 5, 10, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 60, 75, 100 m
  • Reference temperature : 20 C
  • Calibration and tolerance: Accuracy according EC pattern approval, Class I (watch the marking!)
    Maximum permissible errors: Formula: (a+b.l) in which 'L' is the length in question "a" and "b" are coefficients fixed for each class of accuracy. Class I (a=0.1 mm, b=0.1 mm, L= length in m) example 10m tape: 1.1 mm

Polyamide coated carbon steel tapes: 

MM graduation, each m, dm and cm figured, steel tapes with phosphate layer and polyamide coating, yellow background, black graduations, black-red figures.
Transparent chemical resistant polyamide coating.
For all-round use, easy to read in the dark.


Strong brass frame with wooden handle (chemical safe), long foldable
winding arm which locks into position. Specially designed for tank dipping
tapes. Tape rolls out at the front. Tapes more then 40 metre a cross-frame is advised


Dip-weight in the form of a cylinder.
The dip-weight is connected to the tape in a fixed way (by means of a screw).

The graduation in mm. continues on one flat side of the dip-weight, ensuring
there will be no 'blind spot' where the tape is connected to the weight.