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Polyamid Coated BUNKER Tape

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Polyamid Coated BUNKER Tape

Measuring tapes Class I ,For the measurement of liquid levels

Polyamid coated carbon steel gauging tape, Class I, . Graduation in mm.

Polyamid Coated BUNKER Tape

Hartwig Instruments designed and developed a special measuring tape intended to use for Bunker Surveys.
The measuring tape is our most trusted steel core with a polyamide coating, The yellow coating makes an excellent reading on the bunker fuels.
The dipweight is made from brass, 15cm long and fully graduated so even the smallest amount can be measured. With a diameter of 30mm the weight is suitable for the sounding pipes. Due to heavy wear on the tapes with bunker survey measurements we developed a special coating and protective hose to minimalize the damage to the connection of measuring tape and dipweight. 

With the quality tapes of Hartwig Instruments you are sure that your measurements are the most reliable.


  • Width : 13x0.2 mm
  • Graduation: Metres , Centimeters , Millimeters. 
  • Material : Polyamide coated carbon steel 
  • Length : 5, 10, 20, 25, 30, 40 meters
  • Reference temperature : 20 C
  • Calibration and tolerance: Accuracy according EC pattern approval, Class I (watch the marking!)
    Maximum permissible errors: Formula: (a+b.l) in which 'L' is the length in question "a" and "b" are coefficients fixed for each class of accuracy. Class I (a=0.1 mm, b=0.1 mm, L= length in m) example 10m tape: 1.1 mm

Polyamide coated carbon steel tapes: 

MM graduation, each m, dm and cm figured, steel tapes with phosphate layer and polyamide coating, yellow background, black graduations, black-red figures.
Transparent chemical resistant polyamide coating.
For all-round use, easy to read in the dark.


Strong brass frame with wooden handle (chemical safe), long foldable
winding arm which locks into position. Specially designed for tank dipping
tapes. Tape rolls out at the front. Tapes more then 40 metre a cross-frame is advised


Dip-weight in the form of a cylnder and a cone at the lower end.
This cone provides the necessary of 'touch' in dipping and it penetrates sludge more

The dip-weight is connected to the tape in a fixed way (by means of a screw).

The graduation in mm. continuesly on the dipweight.