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Senko SI-100 fixed gasdetector

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Senko SI-100 fixed gasdetector

SI-100 is an excellent fixed gas detector to detect toxic gases, combustible gases and oxygen deficiency, installed in a place where potential gas hazard exists. It shows not only the concentration of protentional gas, but also diagnostic the result of the unit itself through the large digital LCD display. Allows a user to connect to the controller with a standard 4-20mA analog output communication or RS485 digital communication. 

Senko SI-100 fixed gasdetector

The SI100 is a flexible fixed gas detector, suitable for operation as a stand alone detector or as part of a larger system. Each detector has an integrated display, with relays to provide local alarms as well as a 4-20mA signal and is certified for use in ATEX zone 1 and 2. It is fully configurable through the electronic front panel. It can be supplied with sensors for Flammable gases (Catalytic), hydrogen sulphide, carbon monoxide, hydrogen, ammonia, sulphur dioxide, methane (infra red), Toluene (infra red), nitrogen dioxide, carbon dioxide (infra red), hydrogen chloride, VOC (PID), Xylene (infra red), hydrogen peroxide, ethylene oxide, nitric oxide, hydrogen fluoride, and oxygen.

The SI100 is super flexible and durable without costing a fortune. It is the ideal fixed gas detector.

It is ATEX and CE approved.


• Various sensors can be applied
• Easy operation with a magnetic bar
• Large digital LCD display with a blue backlight
• Explosive proof structure
• Water/dust proof structure
• Automatic calibration function by simply applying gas
• Long-distance transmission by 4-20mA output
• Relay contact output signal

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