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Telescopic measuring stick TELEFIX

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Telescopic measuring stick TELEFIX

Telescopic measuring poles take the guesswork out of measuring windows and door openings, shower recesses, buildings and awning heights, trees, transport load heights and much more. Telescopic measuring poles are available in aluminum 

Telescopic measuring stick TELEFIX

an universal useable measuring device of high use value. Proved in daily use by craftsmen of different profession. The solid construction of the "Telefix" of sturdy profiles of anodised light metal, metal end caps for protection against shock, precise guides and the continual controls of the used materials, the assembling during production and for function and precision after completion of the device assure the quality of each Telefix.

  • easy reading of the measured values in sight window on upper end of the base part
  • each element locks automatically when full extended (locking is automatically released when closing the device)
  • two reading marks in sight window
  • red for inside measures
  • green for outside measurements
  • exactly adjusted horizontal and vertical vial for exact positioning of the device in measuring direction
  • each "TELEFIX" is manufactered according to EC Standard precision class III

Each device in vinyl bag with 2 carrying handles

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