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Fuel vacuum sampling set

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Fuel vacuum sampling set

Complete vacuum sampler set in hard carrying case with custom foam inlay.
This set can be used for fuel inspections on vehicles, boats, yachts , airplaines , drum sampling , fuel stations or other hard to reach areas that needs to be sampled.


Fuel vacuum sampling set

The sampling of fuel from fueltanks without spilling any product can be done with this sampling set. the sampling set contains a special tank entery nozzle made from Brass and is usefull for hose guidance and to push away the tank valve in vehicles.

The sampling sets is convenient way to sample without contaminiation, the only part  in contact with the fuel would be the hose and sampling bottle.


Cut the tube to the required length. Attach a bottle to the pump. Push one end of the tube through the pump and into the bottle, then drop the other end of the tube into the liquid that is being sampled. Operate the sampler by pumping the handle which will draw liquid up the tube into the bottle.

The Pump Sampler is suitable for low to medium viscosity liquids. The only product contact parts are the delivery hose and the sample bottle. The Tank Sampler is ideal for materials like water, light oils, suspensions and liquids.

Delivery contains:

  • 1x hardside carring case with foam inlay
  • 1x vacuum sampler vampire
  • 1x adapter for winchester bottle
  • 6x winchester sampling bottle
  • 1x tank entry nozzle
  • 50m of sampling hose
  • 10x absorbtion pads
  • 1x set of cotton cloths
  • 1x Veidec VOC free eco cleaner spray
  • 1x pair of chemical gloves