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Shell Waterdetector Capsules


Shell Waterdetector Capsules

A fuel water detector can be used in jet fuel to find out if there is any water that cannot be seen with the naked eye.

In the case of the Shell Water Detector, it’s a capsule that you attach to a syringe, which you use to draw out 5ml of jet fuel. When testing jet fuel with the Shell Water Detector, watch to see if it changes colour from yellow to blue; this means that there is water

Shell Waterdetector Capsules

The SHELL WATER DETECTOR is manufactured following strict quality assurance standards in a purpose-built, humidity-controlled facility. The manufacturer has ISO 9001:2008 accreditation for quality management, which covers manufacture, assembly, packaging and supply. The Shell Water Detector is proven and now comes in easier-to-use packaging, which is designed to enhance product quality assurance even further.

Each box contains the same number of capsules (80), there are now 8 tubes with 10 capsules per tube

For over 50 years, operators across the world have relied on the Shell Water Detector to check their aviation fuel for suspended water that cannot be detected by visual inspections. The detector capsules are widely used, thanks to their effectiveness and simplicity.

Enhanced product quality assurance

You need to be confident that each capsule is ready to use.

  • The Shell Water Detector kits continue to be manufactured to high quality standards.
  • The new desiccant-coated tubes are medical-grade quality, which helps to ensure that the capsules remain protected during the rigors of use.
  • The new tubes help to ensure that the remaining capsules are protected from moisture, through
    simple flip tops, which are easier to seal from the airan all-over desiccant coating, which has replaced the desiccant sachet placed at one end of the tube. This improves the protection of the capsules against ambient moisture, especially in humid locations.
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