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Gas Detection Rental Services | Convenient and Cost-Effective Solutions by Hartwig Instruments


When it comes to choosing gas detection equipment, getting the most "value for money" without sacrificing worker safety is a key factor in the decision-making process. There are many choices on the market today. Should you rent or buy gas detectors? a disposable instrument or a serviceable gas detector? Hartwig Instruments has portable gas detection equipment solutions that meet the needs of your application and situation while taking cost considerations into account.

For renting gas detection you can CLICK HERE or contact us by e-mail; at or call +31(0)10-438-5286.

gasdetection rental

short term rental:

Trial rental:

Project/contract work rental:

Renting gas detection equipment for short-term needs is a good choice. Why pay large upfront capital expenditures and then also pay to maintain those instruments throughout the year when that particular group of equipment is only needed for a short period once or twice a year? Here it makes sense to rent gas detectors and equipment.


If you are new to the market for gas detectors, it may be a good idea to rent them first to see if they will suit your long-term needs. A rental meter trial can help you make decisions without having to make major upfront expenses.





A short-term project, such as a turnaround/outage, can typically take a few days to a few months. These projects normally require an influx of gas detection equipment to keep personnel safe during that period. Perhaps you have a project that requires monitoring for a specific gas and does not currently have a corresponding sensor installed in your fleet of gas detectors. Renting gas detection can also be a suitable solution here.




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