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MMC Triple Function Tape RESTRICTED

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MMC Triple Function Tape RESTRICTED for measuring ullage, temperature & interface.

These portable FLEXI-DIP® “UI” gauging tapes provide a convenient and accurate means for measuring ullage and a lower oil-water interface. They are suitable for marine and land-based tank facilities and also for environmental monitoring well applications.

MMC Triple Function Tape RESTRICTED

Restricted and Open Gauging Tapes provide a convenient and accurate means for measuring ullage, product temperature and the oil-water interface. The units are configured to operate in the trimode, bimode, interface or temperature mode. Each instrument is designed to maximize ease of use. A single penetration of each tank can provide comprehensive data about internal tank conditions. When the electronic probe senses hydrocarbon, a steady tone is heard; when sensing water, it emits an intermittent tone. Temperature is shown on an LED display in the hub of the instrument.


  •  Accuracy of Tape: +/- 3mm, +/- 0.01% of F.S. tape LGT (F.S. = Full Scale)
  •  Accuracy of Temperature Display: +/- 0.5 F (+/- 0.3 C) +/- 1 digit error
  •  Accuracy of Calibration Range: 32 F (0 C) to 176 F (80 C)
  •  Accuracy of Probe: For dryness to within 3/8 inch (10mm) of bottom
  •  Application: Open gauging ("O" type) (Safe product vapors only) & Restricted gauging ("R" type) via MMC vapor-control valve
  •  Battery: 9-Volt
  •  Operation: U-Ullage, I-Interface (oil/water), T-Temperature
  •  Tape Lenghts: 15M , 30M , 40M , 50M
  • Approvals: Intrinsically safe--FM, BASEEFA, CSA, SAA, NKK (Japan)

All MMC Flexi-Dip Gauging Tape systems come with a sturdy, molded plastic carrying case for convenient transportation and safe storage, and include a spare battery and an instruction manual.

Each unit is delivered with a new and valid (temperature) calibration certificate

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