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Diverent kinds of rope can be delivered with diferent karakters.

Hartwig instruments suplies cottonrope of 100% cotton, which is specially made for samplers.
This cotton rope is very tight woven with a cotton core, because other cores often contain plastic fibers.
Cotton rope is standard in different diameters, 4, 5 en 6 millimeter, other diameters are available on request.

Six millimeter cotton is used with heavey samplers.
Four millimeter cotton is used for lighter samplers.
The cotton rope can offcourse be used for other purposes.

Articel - Model - Lengh - Diameter

TK4/100 - 100% cotton 100 meter 4 mm
TK5/200 - 100% cotton 200 meter 5 mm
TK6/100 - 100% cotton 100 meter 6 mm

TS6/2.5 - Sisal meter 6 mm
TSM6/2.5 - tarred Sisal meter 6 mm

TM10/200 - Manilla rope, 10mm.
TM12/200 - Manilla rope, 12mm.
TM14/200 - Manilla rope, 14mm.
TM16/200 - Manilla rope, 16mm.

TPP6 - Polypropyleen (orange) 220 meter 6 mm
TPP12 -Polypropyleen (orange) 220 meter 12 mm


Offcourse Hartwig instruments supplies nylon, hennep and different kinds of rope.




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