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Replacement Cable Thermoprobe Extra Weight

Home Accessories & Spare parts Replacement Cable Thermoprobe Extra Weight
Extra Weight
0.50 lb (0.23 Kg)

Metric Markers

This design has the same diameter as the Standard Weight but is slightly longer and heavier.
The Extra weight model is our most commenly sold type of probe.

Replacement Cable Thermoprobe Extra Weight

Thermoprobe gauging thermometers come equipped with probe assemblies consisting of a length of non-stick 2-wire cable and a stainless steel weighted RTD temperature sensor. Indelible brass markings are applied to the cable to aid in tank depth determination

Probe Assembly for TP Models TP2-C, TP5-C, TP7, TP7-C, TP7-D, TP8, TP9, TP9-A; , Extra Weight Probe, Brass markers at 1 meter intervals

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