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Thermoprobe designs and makes precision portable digital thermometers for rugged field use, explosive environments and specialty applicantions.
Typical applications for these instruments are related to the volume temperature gauging of petroleum and chemical products.
These instruments are listed as instrinsically safe to North American,European and Japanese standards.
Thermoprobe instruments were developed to fill a need in the indsutry for a rugged and accurate thermometer for gauging the temperature of petroleum products with high accuracy and durability.


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For several years the TP7-C has been our most popular model throughout the world. Because of its durability and convenient cable reel design the TP7-C is highly valued by those users that must rely on their equipment. The TP7-C enclosure is made of high impact plastic which dissipates static electricity and has proven to be unaffected by any petrochemical.


The TP9 employs the proven RTD design that has been used in the TP7 and TP8 for many years. A sealed industrial quality overlay provides a user interface that is easy to use with gloves. A stainless steel enclosure protects the circuit board and large LCD from penetration by impact, water and reactive liquids.


The TL1-A is an improved version of the original ThermoProbe model TL1. The TL1-A incorporates glass thermometer simplicity and reliability with the ease of a digital display. Like precision mercury thermometers, the TL1-A has accuracy, repeatability and long-term stability.


The TL1-W intrinsically safe thermometer is a modified field version of our successful TL1-A thermometer. It features a rugged frame for reinforcement and is designed for continuous operation, but can be easily powered off if desired.



The TL2 is a 2-channel precision bench top thermometer offering a higher level of metrology accuracy in a very affordable package. The TL2 is a complete NIST traceable system that is ready to use, right out of the box.



 The TL1-R thermometer is a compact reference thermometer with accuracy comparable to instrument systems costing twice as much. It has all the features of our standard TL1-A plus a higher level of accuracy



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