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Sensepoint XCD RTD (Remote Toxic Detector)

A gas transmitter for use with directly or remotely mounted toxic and Oxygen gas sensors.

Sensepoint XCD RTD enables users to comply with legislation, increase safety and reduce insurance premiums and maintenance costs when protecting personnel from toxic gas releases. It provides proven, reliable toxic and Oxygen gas detection, an easy to read status display and a common platform.

Sensepoint XCD RTD (Remote Toxic Detector) has been specifically designed for use with the Honeywell Analytics' range of Sensepoint toxic and Oxygen sensors. This configuration is ideal for a wide range of toxic and Oxygen gas detection applications. The sensor can be mounted up to 30 metres (100 feet) away from the transmitter in areas that are difficult to access. The transmitter can be mounted at a suitable location away from this area where it is easy to access, view its display and interact with via the user interface.

Sensepoint toxic and Oxygen sensors offer a wide variety of gases and measuring ranges. The sensor can be mounted directly to the transmitter as well as remotely. Sensepoint XCD RTD can be used as a common platform for all toxic and Oxygen gas detection, reducing spares requirements. The Sensepoint sensor design includes an IS portion with a removable sensor cartridge, eliminating the need for a hot work permit when changing the sensor cartridge. The sensor has an IP67 rating for use in the harshest conditions.

The transmitter’s tri-colour backlit LCD clearly indicates the unit’s status at a glance, even from a distance. A steady green backlight indicates normal operation, flashing yellow indicates fault and flashing red indicates an alarm.

Outputs include 2 programmable alarm relays, 1 programmable fault relay as well as 4-20mA output (sink or source selectable).

The range, relay operation, alarm set points and electronic tag number of the detector can be adjusted using the transmitter’s LCD and the non-intrusive magnetic switches. Outputs are automatically inhibited during adjustment thereby reducing the risk of false alarm at the control panel during maintenance.


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