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Sample Can or Sample Thief

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This sample can has been specially designed for drawing samples at any required level of thick liquids and for draftsurvey

The sample can is easily disassembled for ease of cleaning and it consists of a seamless cylinder with a screw thread at the top, with a stainless steel clasp. The cap has a wide pouring mouth such that it is also suitable for taking samples in thick liquids. In the pouring mouth fits a plastic bung witch is mounted on the clasp
This sampler is a quality Hartwig Instruments product with guarantee

Insert the plastic bung with mild pressure in the pouring mouth the bottle
sampler is now ready to take the sample. The sample can is lowered into the liquid from which the samples are required using a chain or a rope (100% cotton!). At any desired depth, tugging on the line can pull out the plastic bung. For taking a top sample the bung is not needful.

The sample can is ideal for draftsurvey, for indication of the density a
density meter can be used can without pouring the liquid into
another barrel

Material: material nr. 1.4404 or 14571 otherwise 316L or 316Ti
Brass material nr: ms58
Contents: 500, 1000ml.




Material Content Type number External diameter Total Hight Special Weight
Brass 500 ml A122 56 mm   Clasp outward 1450 Gram
Brass 1000 ml A124 70 mm     2900 Gram
Stainless steel 500 ml A322 56 mm   Clasp outward 1500 Gram
Stainless steel 1000 ml A324 56 mm   Clasp outward 2300 Gram



O-FKG Spare plastic bung each
O-FKGG Spare plastic bung with 16mm hole for running sample each
KTRVS/L Stainless steel (1.4404) welded chain p/m
KTRVS2 Stainless steel (1.4404) cable p/m
TK4/100 Cotton cord, 100 % cotton, 4 mm. (+/-1kg) p/rol
TK6/100 Cotton cord, 100 % cotton, 6 mm. (+/-2kg) p/rol

Application : Draftsurvey, Land tanks, train wagons, ship tanks water reservoirs or other tanks for fluids.

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