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MMC GVP-75 ( Inert-gas Pressure Meter)

Inert gas pressure in a tank can easily be measured by fitting the appropriate model GVP portable pressure meter on an MMC vapor control valve/tank gauging station installed on the top of the tank. The GVP-75 series pressure meters feature a gas seal mechanism to prevent gas leakage from the tank. The meter's screw-type orifice makes it secure from sudden pressure changes and a mesh filter at the inlet prevents the intake of dust.


Range: +2500 to -1000mm (water)
Accuracy: + or - 1.5% FS


GVP-75 For use with vapor control valve/tank gauging station models "B," "MB," "MBS," "C" (series), "D-25," "F-50" (series), and "S" (series).


CAUTION: This portable gas pressure meter is designed to measure the pressure of inert-gas filled tanks from an on-deck position. However, the meter is a low- and delicate-pressure type and careful handling is required. The unit is not constructed to fit permanently on deck for water-tightness and durability. Therefore, it is recommended that it be removed from vapor control valves/tank gauging stations and stored in an appropriate place after each use.


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