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Grounding wire for samplers

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Due to the large demand of grounded samplers, we developed a grounding set for samplers.The set contains a grounding clip with 2.5 meter cable, secure ring 100x6mm, quicklink and stainless steel flexible wire on a
stainless steel frame.

Ground the wire with the grounding clip to a piece of blank material of the tank or vessel.
Note: Be sure that the material is not painted or coated. Connect the quicklink to the sampler, and secure the sampler of being lost with the secure ring.

All the parts except the grounding clip is made of stainless steel, material nr. 1.4401 (316)
Dimensions: 260x80mm.


Artikel no: GS5M 5 meter set
Artikel no: GS10M 10 meter set
Artikel no: GS15M 15 meter set
Artikel no: GS20M 20 meter set
Artikel no: GS25M 25 meter set
Artikel no: GS30M 30 meter set

- Base
- Winding frame
- Cable



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