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Ruggedized Thermometer

The TL-1W is a modified field version of our successful TL-1 thermometer.
It features a rugged frame for reinforcement and is designed for continuous operation but can be easily powered off if desired.

The TL-1W thermometer is intended to be used anywhere a precision glass stem thermometer or other type thermometer may be used. The TL-1W incorporates glass thermometer simplicity and reliability with the ease of a digital display. Like precision mercury thermometers, the TL-1W has accuracy, repeatability and long-term stability. But unlike those thermometers there will never be problems with mercury separation or hazardous material cleanup. Different from most precision electronic thermometers, the “Cordless” TL-1W has no wires to get in the way or break. Battery replacement is easily done through a sealed cover. Encoded calibration is unaffected by temperature, vibration or battery removal. Low battery display, and failure mode indications protect the user from false data.

4 Point NIST Traceable Calibration and a one year warranty included.


LCD with 0.25 inch characters-Switchable in Units of °F or °C
Standard Stainless Steel temperature sensor, with 9”, with fast response tip. Other sensors types are available. Electronics and display in a waterproof, aluminum enclosure. Highly durable display window and graphics.
-44 to 250 °F, -43 to 121 °C Range, 0.1 Degree Resolution < +0.2 °F Accuracy
Microcontroller and precision A/D Converter with EEPROM memory. Min. ambient temp. dependant on battery condition, max. ambient temp. 75 °C. 1000 Ohm, Class A Platinum RTD, 0.05%/yr max. drift
20mm Coin Size 3V Lithium , Type 2032, 500 hour service life at room temperatures.
Sensors with custom tips and lengths, sensor on cable, and/or extended range to 600 °F /315 °C


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