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Testo 870 - Thermal Imaging Camera

New testo 870 Thermal Imaging Camera


The 870 is the newest addition addition to the testo thermal imaging camera range. It has been designed in cooperation with heating & building contractors, service engineers and facilities management specialists especially for these applications.

The testo 870 thermal imagaing camera is perfect for detecting leaks, localising cold bridges, visualising overheating connections and electrical surveying. Thanks to its large display, high-quality detector, wide field of view and uncomplicated operation, the testo 870 thermal imaging camera allows you to work faster and more productively.

  • Infrared resolution 160 x 120 (19200) pixels
  • SuperResolution technology to 320 x 240 pixels
  • Thermal sensitivity <100 mK
  • Fixed focus 34° lens
  • Automatic recognition of hot-cold spots
  • Integrated digital camera (870-2)

Targeted at electrical and heating contractors the 870 is quick and easy to use. As well as being Testo’s most lightweight camera, at just 500g, it benefits from the usual great ergonomics seen in all Testo equipment, which is expected from a global leader in portable instrumentation.

The 870 has already been described as “a joy to operate” by one of the first users. It is the first Testo camera to use focus free technology and gives a perfect image at half a meter without needing to adjust the camera at all, making electrical inspections and heating contract work very quick and simple.

Additionally, the Testo 870 includes features usually only associated with more expensive cameras, such as automatic hot and cold spot recognition to help make quick diagnostics. The 870-2 variant of this great thermal imager incorporates a built in digital camera so a visual image is automatically taken and stored in parallel with the thermal image.


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