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Hartwig Instruments has a large and wide service department for maintenance , repair and calibration for various portable instruments.
Because of our close contacts with manufactures we are able to provide the best service within limited time for the best price.

Our calibration and repair service are provide for both national and international customers both well for Industry and Maritime businesses  
Our professional workshop has three different Calibration and  Repair departments that are as followed:



To ensure the safety of your personnel , maintenance and calibration is the most important for all types of gas monitors.
Preforming periodic calibration and bumptest will avoid failure of the instruments and the inspection will keep the instrument safe in hazardous areas.
Hartwig Instruments provides these service for a broad range of portable gas monitors brands a.o.  BW Technologies , Honeywell Analitics , Sperian  & RAE.
If needed we can return the gas monitors calibrated and serviced with hours.



The accuracy of temperature is highly important for cargo loads and production processes, to maintain accuracy of your temperature maintenance and calibration is required.
We can calibrate almost each thermometer according to (inter)national standards by using the method of compare as well for digital and glass thermometers.
Specially for maritime and offshore we have created a 24 hours return to vessel service for UTI’s ( ullage, temperature and interface) for brands as example MMC.


A measuring tape used for innage and ullage measurements of tanks is the most import instrument of a surveyor, we are able to preform linear calibration for measuring tapes to check the accuracy.
Linear calibration has no limit regarding lengths of the measuring tapes, because of our unique set up for linear verification we are able to calibrate with h an uncertainty of  0.010 mm + 3,5·10-6·L



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